Mantri’s unparalleled expertise in constructing lifestyle living and functioning spaces is firmly backed by its commitment to innovation.

Following are some firsts to our name.

  • First to construct lifestyle properties to rehabilitate slum dwellers.
  • First to have been awarded the ISO 9001 Certification from RWTUV, Germany for bringing world-class standards into construction works, contracts and organizations as promoters, builders and developers.
  • One of the first to hire professionals with high qualification credentials, along with vast knowledge and expertise.
  • One of the first to induce strict corporate culture within the organization.
  • One of the first to incorporate system-driven operations resulting in quicker decision, independent working and time bound deliverables.
  • One of the first to appoint highly qualified engineers who work round-the-clock to ensure thorough research-based decisions. Whether it’s in regard to the latest and finest in technology, infrastructure, raw materials and finished products, or to update every structure with strategic locations, competitive pricings, higher quality designs and amenities, easy and cost-effective maintenance facilities and time-bound delivery processes.
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